Things I Like

My  name is Buddy Foster. I have a story to tell, a story of naughtiness, a story of disappointment and hurt, and a story of love.

I was in the kitchen smelling the aroma of bacon cooking and lying in the sun. Mommy stood by the stove in her pyjamas and slippers, humming to herself, and relaxing on a Sunday morning.

Mommy left the kitchen to go to the washroom. I, naughty cat that I am at times, (yes, I am a cat) I jumped onto the kitchen counter.  I ate two pieces of bacon and noticed that Mommy’s computer was on the counter.  I looked at what she was writing.(If you can believe in a writing cat, you can believe that I can read, too. Mommy was writing a list.

Things I Like

Seeing a plant appear for the first time in the spring and watching it grow bigger every day

The Walking Dead

Discovering a new author and realizing that he or she has written oodles of books

Chicken Italiano

The Princess Bride

My cabin


The list goes on.  I was distraught. I was nowhere on the list. I thought I would at least been in the top 5.


Mommy came into the kitchen.

“Ooh. Buddy,” she said. “You know you aren’t all0wed on the counter.”

I looked at her.  I had a piece of bacon on the fur on my face.

She laughed and said, “You are so sweet and funny. I love you.”

Then it occurred to me.  I wasn’t on the list because she didn’t just like me . She loved me.  I was on a completely different list.

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