I have a decision to make. I can write about either of these things: hope, regret, home, choice, abundance or secret.  To regret is a waste of time. Home would be too long a piece of writing. My secrets I do not share nor my hopes.  Life is all about choices so too many to choose from.  But abundance reaches out to something inside of me.

My life is about an abundance of good things. My family – husband, son and daughter are so wonderful I feel an abundance of love for them and from them.

My house is not large nor its furnishings expensive but I have a cabin which fills me with contentment and joy whenever I visit, even when I think of it.  Trees, wildflowers, beaches, old handmade furniture , quiet evenings, neighbours who leave me to do my own thing yet who are there when I need them. My cabin is truly a source of abundance.

I have a large home library and a local library where I can order almost any book I wish. I have a computer with wi-fi. Think of the abundance of knowledge I have access to.

I have a darling cat called Buddy Foster who shows me that not only humans have a heart and soul.

I have access to music. I have many friends. I have a mind that enjoys painting and gives me room to express my creativity, a mind that allows me to imagine anything I do not have in a concrete form.

I have an abundance of the important things in life. I am blessed.

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