Adoration of Beauty


When I was a child I would sometimes just sit and look at my cat.

My mother would say, “Are you worshiping that cat again?”

I would feel ashamed and turn my head, embarrassed because worshiping is what one did in church to God. Red-faced, I would walk away to leave my adoration for another day.

But what do people do if they worship God?  Are they not simply marveling at the immensity of his creations, the green forests, massive mountains, beautiful flowers, complex anthills?  Are they not reverencing him for all that he has created, the awful majesty and beauty of his world?

I am now old enough to be a grandmother. My son and daughter have two cats and a dog between them. And at times I still find myself “worshiping” them.  How sad that at one time I was made to feel ashamed at feeling awe in the presence of beauty.  How wonderful that that shame did not prevent from me from worshiping that beauty again and again.

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