Reindeer in Tuktoyaktuk

On the way to Tuytoyaktuk

Four schoolteachers on a bus.

Something’s happening in the distance.

Danny says, “Now  what’s the fuss?”

“It’s the caribou”, says the driver.

“It’s quite the proper time of year,

For hundreds of these Arctic reindeer.

To cross the highway over there.

We stopped the bus and in the distance

Saw the reindeer, many hundreds,

Getting closer to the highway.

On and on the reindeer blundered.

The one ahead said, “I’m not going,

Over the highway.  I’m too scared,

To cross the road. The reindeer  halted.

Not one of these reindeer dared.

The one ahead got up his nerve,

And tried and tried to go across.

We waited for what seemed like hours.

We thought that everything was lost.

They had to cross the frightening highway,

To get to summer feeding grounds.

And finally one of them was braver,

And out of somewhere, nerve he found.

Where one deer led, the others followed.

Soon all reindeer were across.

We clapped our hands. We were so happy.

That one reindeer was the boss.

We traveled on to Tuktoyaktuk.

Saw the pingos and the sea.

Enjoyed the trip, enjoyed the reindeer,

Saw all that there was to see.


Here’s an interesting story about the reindeer.

Here’s a picture of the Northern Lights from Pinterest.

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