Hook ‘Em with a Quote

“So many books, so little time.”
Frank Zappa

I have always loved books.

From childhood I have been surrounded by books. Picture books. The Bobbsey Twins. The Hardy Boys. Trixie Belden. Sunday school award books. What Katie Did. Book-of -the Month Club books. First place standing awards for elementary school. Readers’ Digest Condensed Books. Encyclopedias. Time and Macleans magazines. Sermon books. Bibles. University textbooks. And later, textbooks for the Junior High courses I taught,

In 1994 I started a book club with a group of friends. I also started to record the books I read. I read a variety of books. Nineteenth century authors – Trollope, Hardy, Thackeray, George Eliot, Wikie Collins, Dickens, Austin, the Brontes. Eighteenth century authors – Richardson, Fielding, Fanny Burney. I like 1950s and 1960s science fiction. Lately I have been reading post apocalyptic dystopian books with youthful heroes and heroines. I read best sellers and books by obscure authors.

I usually aim to read 100 books a year. Sometimes I read more. Other times the number may be closer to 60.  So many books, so little time.


10 thoughts on “Hook ‘Em with a Quote

  1. I truly envy you! All those books! I too grew up on books, since I was 12. We lost all our books due to various misfortunes in life. I bought many books later in life. Then lost them again, after locating to another city (job requirement). Now, I have a vast e-library. Couldn’t get the Ludlum books though; they are not free. I have movies of many books to enjoy. Most of McLean’s, Agatha Christie’s, 007, and much more. I’ve started following your blog and I hope you follow my (the main site is ).


    1. Maybe as you get older you will have more time to read. I don’t know your age but I know that when one is working and raising children it is difficult to find time for oneself. I visited your blog. I hope blogging helps you deal with your grief. Writing can help us in many ways.

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      1. Thank you. My kids come first in my life. I do make time for myself. Writing my blog has helped me to heal. This is just a difficult time of year for me. Thank you for commenting.


  2. Wow! 100 books a year is quite an achievement! I like to read but don’t get time. My husband is a true book lover, especially old classics.


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