Four Interesting Posts

Today I visited four new blogs. Robin King talked about grammar and the use or misuse of the word impact.  As a former middle school English teacher I could relate to her post.

Another post I enjoyed was by Miss Book Dependent who discussed her admiration for Mary Shelley. I, too, share an interest in this era.

I also liked another blog which talked about Katie Roiphe’s writing.

I enjoyed the quote and the writer’s reaction to it in Following Seas.


2 thoughts on “Four Interesting Posts

  1. Oh! I wondered why so many people came to visit that post. Now I know! Many thanks! You’re very kind.

    Years ago I frequently posted “rants” online about the ways in which our language is changing but now I rarely do. “Impact” is a special case because of how prevalent it is. Yesterday, after hearing it seven times within a twenty minute period, I’d had enough.

    Had to rant. 🙂

    Thank you again for the link! I’m honored.


  2. Hi, I am so glad I stopped by your blog today. I was reminded of a former interest in words, I’ve been entertained by a rare breed – a reading, writing, talking cat! And now I’ve seen an example of an economical post. I tend to be wordy, have been told my posts are too long, have been confused about conflicting expert advice about the ideal length of posts. So I’ve decided to mix it up and write both types (long and short) but wondering how to do this. This post is an example on how to approach the matter. Thank you.

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