Assignment Day 9 What I Do When I Am Not Writing

When I am not writing I am often reading. I love to read and it makes me a better writer.

But I also have other hobbies. I paint in acrylic, getting together with three other woman once a week. We call ourselves The Group of Four. We are now painting three pictures each and plan to put them into a 2016 calendar for family and friends.

One of us paints very quickly and has had her three paintings completed for a month.ย  She goes to Florida for six months every year and we miss her so much. But she paints with a group there, too, so each spring we see great improvement in her work when she returns.

Another is a perfectionist and keeps changing something to make it better while we think it is perfect already. But what a happy, uplifting perfectionist. She’s a joy to be around.

Another just started to paint and her progress is amazing. She is truly talented. But she is involved in so many things at age 75 that she finds it hard to find time to paint.

And I am the fourth. I have been painting for over twenty years but I go long periods and do nothing. It is the painting I enjoy, not so much the product so I often stay at one painting a long time, experimenting with colour and composition.

I do a lot of other things, too But this post is already long enough.


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