Day 12 Critique a Piece of Work

My new favourite TV show is The Walking Dead. Most of my acquaintances are surprised when I tell them I like the series and say something indicating that they could never watch that type of show.  Here’s what I tell them.

This show is not primarily about zombies. They are not even called zombies but, rather, walkers.  The basic concept of the book relies on walkers; The Walking Dead could not be The Walking Dead without walkers.  But the essence of the show is humanity’s attempt to survive a catastrophic event and how we change when the most important thing in life is simply surviving, finding food and shelter.

They also say they could not watch all the gore and blood and heads chopped off and people crawling with half a body.

Very quickly you are inured to this. After the first hundred walkers you are ready for anything.

They say it is not realistic.

Not realistic? Do you realize the kind of world we are living in.  There may not be a virus which reignites our brain stem when we die but we could very easily face another such catastrophe.  The world could be partially destroyed by nuclear weapons, climate change, the list goes on.  Who knows when we will be forced to tackle the same problems as those in The Walking Dead minus zombies.

If they were to say some of the actors have not developed or some episodes are not exciting or would probably agree.  But you have to watch a series to be able to make those statements.

For me, post-apocalyptic fiction is fascinating. I love Daryl. I can’t wait to see what new challenges they will face and how they will deal with them.  And I think their music choices are excellent.

Why not give it a try?


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