Day 13 Try Another Blog Event

For my Day 12 Blogging 101 assignment I decided to participate in Writeful Mind Feel-Good Friday Logo

Writeful Mind’s Feel-Good Friday. Feel-Good Friday promotes self care and me-time. This is the option I chose to write about.

Has a loved one given you a cool” experience” gift to make sure you get some time to yourself?  Tell us about it.

I have been struggling with depression for years. I retired early due to depression. (I was a Junior High Math teacher.) Recently I have found it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. It was often 11:00am or noon before I got up.  Morning was usually my best time of day and I was now missing it. I often slept two or three hours in the afternoon and in the evening I was not energetic. My life was not what I wanted but I knew no way out of it.

I have always loved cats but when my last two died five years ago my husband and I decided not to have another.  Knowing that I was not doing well my husband suggested that we foster a cat. I found Buddy, a five year old long haired ginger and white tabby.  Shortly after getting Buddy my husband left to work on the other side of the country for two months.

I quickly found that Buddy is not like my other cats. He sleeps all day and is awake a lot at night. He has a habit of sitting on your lap and touching your face with his declawed paws when he wants something. Unfortunately what he wants from 4:00am onwards is company.  He makes his first visit to my bedroom at 4:00 and I pet him. He visits again at 5:00 and I get up and get him breakfast. He wakes me again at 6:00 to be petted. Finally at 7:30 I have had enough and I get up.

My life has changed. I have all morning to myself. I don’t even feel sleepy in the afternoon and I go to bed early at night. Unknowingly, my husband gave me the perfect me-time gift.



One thought on “Day 13 Try Another Blog Event

  1. That’s an awesome gift. 🙂 Yay for hubby!

    We recently had 2 calico kittens who were terrors sometimes but very sweet when they let us hold them like babies and rub their bellies {without even biting us!}. Unfortunately, we had to give them up; my daughter’s now pregnant and we have a lot more to deal with!

    I think it’s great that you found an organic way to deal with your depression. Animals are great for relieving stress and anxiety!

    Thanks for participating in our Feel-Good Friday event! I hope you’ll continue to do so! 🙂 {Hugs} to you and Buddy!


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