Day 14 Recreate a Single Day

Yesterday was one of a kind. Fro the time I got up at 7:30 until I went to be at midnight it was go, go, go. Here is my schedule.

7:30 After three wake-up calls by Buddy the cat I decide to get up. Perform morning ablutions. Prepare breakfast. Eat same on couch while checking

My e-mail

Buddy’s e-mail

My Facebook

Buddy’s Facebook

My Twitter

Buddy’s Twitter

Buddy’s blog

Buddy, by the way, has a blog so every morning I check his social media sites. Then I checked into Blogging 101 and Writing 101 and finished the assignments I started the night before. All of this while sitting at “My Spot” on the couch which I talked about on a previous post.

10:00 Time goes by so fast.Lois calls with her daily chitchat. My daughter calls to tell me about a medical appointment.  My husband and I text back and forth for a few minutes.(He is out of the province.)

10:30 Go upstairs and make bed and tidy bedroom.  Take shower and prepare myself for the day.

11:15 Call from Val who wonders how plans for tonight’s Going away party for a friend in our social club are going. Talk about other things. Call three people about tonight’s party.

12:00 have lunch while organizing information for 3:30 visit from social club friend re grant we are applying for.  Redo list of things that I have to do this afternoon.

1:00 Leave house to pick up treasurer books from a friend who filled in for me at our local TOPS chapter meeting the previous night.  Went to another friend’s house to pick up ticket stubs on handmade quilt for Retired Teachers’ Association. She is not there so call on cell and find she is out of town on medical appointment. She will drop off tickets later. Go to post office. Go to drug store and bank.

2:00 Go to party venue. Practice for skit we are doing tonight.

3:00. Go to grocery store for snacks for party tonight since I won’t have time to make anything. Stop by friend’s house to get props for skit tonight.

3:30. Rush home. Friend arrives with ticket stubs. Other friend arrives to discuss grant application which we do.

6:30 Friend leaves. Get ready for party.

7:00 Arrive at party. Enjoy.

10:00 Home. Check on new assignment for Writing 101 and Blogging 101. Work on assignments.

12:00 To bed, perchance to sleep until awakened by Buddy at 4:00 and 5:00 and 6:00 and 7:30.





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