Writing 101 Take a cue from your Readers

I did not have any suggestions from my contact form so instead I looked at my poll. I had asked if reader would prefer to read about unusual words, lives of “word” men or women or reviews of books about words. There was a tie between words and word people. The responders were anonymous so I cannot link to any one site.

So, I will tell you what I intend to write about in my blog when I am finished with the course.

  1. I will be writing about words. I love words;they are fascinating.  Their numbers seem to be endless but there must be a finite number, however large. And there are new words being formed all the time.It is interesting to see how and where a word originated, how it can be used, who uses it and why one word is more suitable than another in a certain case.
  2. I will be writing about people who have been involved with words and language. I was amazed at the number of words which were created by 18th century writer Fanny Burney. It seems if she wanted a word  and it didn’t exist she made it up.  Roget of thesaurus fame grew up making up lists. He even said that there are no synonyms because each word has a unique meaning. Shakespeare is renowned for influencing the English language and he will crop up in my blog.

I look forward to starting my posts. On Monday  for my assignment in Blogging 101 I will have my first Mondays with Buddy. Buddy the cat will do a post on cat related words.


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