Assignment 18: A Series of Anecdotes



She sat on her bed and emptied the money in the red corduroy drawstring bag onto the chenille bedspread. Quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies.  Two one dollar bills. Three two’s. In total exactly twenty dollars.

It was a fortune in her eyes. She could order an inflatable swimming pool from the mail-order Sears catalogue and still have enough for the bowling set at the shop. She could even buy Mommy a Mother’s Day gift. Six months was a long time to be saving;it seemed like forever to her eight year old mind.  But she had twenty dollars and could do what she wanted with it.



She wouldn’t need to go the bank. She had a twenty dollar bill in her wallet. That was plenty for bus fare, take-out chicken at the mall and a movie with popcorn and soft drink. Maybe after she could buy that new sweater.

The girls were all going to a movie after a week of classes and mid-terms for some of them.  They needed a break.  They would probably go shopping before the movie.  She had seen the blue v-necked sweater last week. Hopefully it was still there.



She counted it again but each time she got twenty dollars. She hadn’t time  to go to the ATM. Maybe there was some change in the pocket of her black jacket or perhaps in Steve’s jeans’ pocket.

“Hurry Grandma! The bus will soon be here. Olivia and I need lunch money.”





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