Day 17 Assignment: A Map as Your Muse

Hardy’s Cove. The map doesn’t show it in the correct location, in my opinion. But, of course, the map is correct.


Hardy’s Cove is on  the south coast of the island of Newfoundland. But what my family and I call by that name is really Back Cove, historically. The original Hardy’s Cove, the one indicated on maps, can be accessed by a trail in the woods behind my cabin.  Nevertheless, for the last forty years, since the time  my father built his original small cabin in Back Cove, we and everyone else in the area have called it incorrectly, Hardy’s Cove.


Hardy's Cove

My children grew up spending the summers in Hardy’s Cove, as I did my teenage years.  Forty years ago there was just an old log cabin and my parent’s cabin. Now there are nine cabins and the cove is like a little community during the summer.


Hardy's Cove 2

The trail from our cabin to the original Hardy’s Cove still exists.  We visit that cove every summer to beachcomb.  Sometimes we use the trail across the bog instead.

Our two children find it difficult to visit now they are adults.  My husband and I still spend many peaceful days there every summer.








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