Day 20 A Wrap-Up of Writing 101

Writing 101 is completed and what an experience! I have created, learned, interacted, responded, contemplated,  and a plethora of other verbs.

To blog on one’s own is so different from blogging in the company of others whom one feels one has gotten to know somewhat. I now truly feel I write for an audience, an audience which considers my works and sometimes adds to it by commenting because each response strengthens my work.  Many thanks to all who read, liked or commented.

Thank you also to those who recommended me for awards. Responding to awards can be a lot of work because you are obligated to recommend others for the award.  But what a journey it was to read and think and decide which posts and awards I thought were truly deserving. If I nominated you for an award be assured it was with much thought and after perusing many sites.  It was not a random act.  I value your writing.

The assignments were all unique and interesting. I learned so much by doing them. Thank you to all my teachers.

If I have one concern it was regarding time. I chose to do Writing 101 and Blogging 101 at the same time so I had two assignments per day. But that was my decision.  To show how well I learn from experience I am, in a few days, starting two more courses offered by WordPress.

I am hoping to see some of you there.




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