Mondays with Buddy. Ailurochatting With My Friends

Thank you for your kind comments on last week’s post. Wandering Soul  suggested a new word ailurochat.  It means chatting with cats and enjoying it, too.  I couldn’t find this word online so I am wondering if  she is a neologist (a person who creates new words). If so, please continue. I love the word ailurochat. Mommy and I do it all the time.

This week I will talk about words beginning with cat.

Caterwaul means to make a shrill howling or wailing noise like a cat. I caterwauled when I saw the ferocious orange beast outside the patio door. I was forced to save Mommy and be her guard cat.

Ferocious Orange Beast

 A catnapper can be a person who has short naps or catnaps.  But it can also be a bad person who steals kitties.  I am afraid of catnappers. Once I thought I was catnapped but I was just being brought to my new home.

Am I being catnapped?

A cat-o-nine-tails is a whip that makes marks like the scratches of a cat. I would never scratch anyone. I can’t. I am declawed. I was declawed before I came to Mommy.

A catamount is a large cat like a puma or cougar that you might find in the mountains.I think they are called catamounts because they would look as big as a mountain to me.  I am afraid of catamounts, too.

If you just can’t wait until next Monday to see me again you can visit me at my blog, Foster Cat Chats.




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