Mondays with Buddy: Claus or Claws

What a busy time of year.  Most cats have to worry only about the number of ornaments they can knock from the tree whereas I have been doing a Christmas post a day on my Foster Cat Chats blog. So a short post today.  Santa Claws  was the original Santa. I can understand how people would have envied cats and so Santa Claus was born.  … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: Claus or Claws

Tory: Precious and Sassy

This story was written  by Opalflame who has a blog  that you might like to visit.  He writes stories, anecdotes and rants. “So, what do you think?” Mom asked, excitedly. “About what?” I muttered. “My friend is giving me her cat. I’m picking it up today.” “Oh…” Typical. I’d been begging for a cat, since I was born (practically) and been denied the entire … Continue reading Tory: Precious and Sassy



graffiti, Trellick Tower by Duncan C Flickr Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) Graffiti Some people don’t like graffiti. They say it is done on concreti. It’s cartoonish, vivid, Makes some people livid. Sometimes it’s not even completi. But some people do like graffiti. They say that it is simply neati. It’s topical,funny, Does not cost you money. They say that it just can’t be … Continue reading Graffiti

Dragon's Loyalty Award

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

The wonderful Amanpan at BrewNSpew Thoughtprovoking Chatter has nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Nominees are under no obligation to pass on the award but there are many blogs I enjoy and I am happy to nominate some of them for the award.       Dragon’s Loyalty Award – Rules: RULES: 1. Display the award on your blog 2. Announce your win with … Continue reading Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Wonderful Wordsday

Wonderful Wordsday The 23rd of each month has been decreed by this blogger to be  Wonderful Wordsday. Why the 23rd?  Isn’t it obvious?  W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet.   It has also been decreed that: From the 24th of one month  to the 22rd of the next  month all you word lovers have the opportunity to submit a wonderful word.  A wonderful … Continue reading Wonderful Wordsday

Mondays with Buddy. Christmas Cat

The last two weeks have been extremely busy as I am writing a series of at least 6 Christmas cat stories for my favourite little humans I have decided for today’s post to share Simon and Sammy’s poem from Sunday because it does deal with a cat word Santa Claws, who is the cats’ Santa. It explains its etymology.   Christmas Cat A Holiday Pet … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy. Christmas Cat