Feral cats

Mondays With Buddy: Scary Words for Groups of Cats


Today I am going to talk about words used to describe a group of cats. Please bear in mind that I have not been with a group of cats since I was a little kitten with my mommy and brothers and sisters.  Whenever I see another cat I am scared and I hiss at them, so it took a lot of courage for me to write this post and to imagine a lot of cats in one place.

If Simon and Sammy came to visit me, Mommy would have a clowder of cats in the house. Mommy said that they may come to visit sometime and I have to be nice to them but it is scary.  The three of us could also be called a clutter of cats. I wonder if that’s because we would clutter up the place.  If Jinx and Morgan came from next door to visit me (But I hope they don’t) we could also be called a glaring of cats. Well, I’m sure I would glare at them. We could also be called a pounce. That tells what I would do.

When I was a kitten there were a lot of us in the litter.  We could have been called a kindle of kittens or an intrigue of kittens. Don’t you find that intriguing?


Kittens by Viola’s Visions (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


 There is even a name for a group of feral cats. Mommy’s friend Carol said there were feral cats living close to her. They would be called a dowt or a destruction.


Feral cats
Feral Cats by Sara Goleman Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

DESTRUCTION!  Oh, this is getting too scary for me.  End of post.






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