If I could write like Luanne Holder,

Then maybe I could be much bolder,

And write my thoughts in intense verse.

But, Ohh, I am so much worse.

If I could write a poem like Dorn

Whose k in magick is not norm

Or write a rather fine haiku

as bookishbyte  is wont to do,

Perhaps I would not feel so sad.

But hey , it just can’t be that bad!

it seems that peasantblog just wrote

A wise thing and I do now quote,

“What harm is there in  …. something new”

She’s right and  here’s what I will do.

Complete the course. It won’t be tragic.

But every poem will take some magic.






6 thoughts on “Magic

  1. It’s a great poem. You even fit in people’s name without bogging down the rhyme or meter. I struggle with that myself. (I write fantasy vignettes sequences drawn from my forthcoming novel, so I always have names and places to include!) Well done 🙂


  2. Great one!
    Clever idea, to involve other’s and share as you have.
    BTW Magick with a k; is due to the antiquity form of the modern word Magic. Wiki surprisingly has a simple definition: Magick – (fantasy, occult) Used as a deliberate archaism; used for supernatural magic, as distinguished from stage magic.

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