Friday afternoon. Last period.

Math class.

Yesterday was algebra.

Today is geometry.

Tranformational.  Translations. Rotations.  Reflections.

Still the same old x and y.

Reflect over y-axis or x-axis or equation of a line.

Coordinate planes. Lines of reflection.

When will I ever use this, Miss?

Every year. The same questions.

After fifty years on one side of the teacher’s desk or the other,

Their weariness reflects my own.







6 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Love it! Are you a math teacher? I have to say (and I hope I am not insulting any one) that I have lived over 40 years post high school without ever using algebra or geometry – much. Well, a little I guess. Delightful poem. Fun take on “reflection”.


    1. I was a junior high Math teacher. I retired 8 years ago. So when I heard the word reflection I thought of geometrical tranformations. A lot of things we do in math class in school are not used directly in life, but I think they help to develop ways of thinking that we apply to other things.

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