Three pets

The Duke of Harcourt Brings Christmas Cheer

I am participating in a Flash Fiction Challenge hosted by author  Dan Alatorre.  Using a random number generator we had to choose one scene out of ten and one word out of ten.  My first random numbers was 7 so I had the scene ” A dog running after Santa’s sleigh” and my second number was 9 so my word was “cheer”.  I had to build a story of up to to 1000 words around the scene and I had to use the word in the title.

If you are interested in participating click on the link above for details.

Here is my story.


The Duke of Harcourt Brings Christmas Cheer

My name is Buddy. I am a big, fluffy, ginger and white tabby. I have an adoring Mommy and a man who likes me, and  I have a wonderful home where I am catered to.  I write my own blog and am becoming well known. Some would say I have it all.  But some would be wrong.


Christmas, my favourite time of year, was coming and I was eagerly awaiting my Christmas tree and the arrival of Santa Claws and his reincats. New toys were being brought out for me every day – angels, candles, snowmen, pretty balls. Never did I have so many things to play with, all arranged on the coffee table, buffet and occasional tables. I was happy.

Santa Claws and One of His Reincats

Until Mommy told me that we were having family for Christmas. Katie was coming home. Great! I liked Katie.  Richard and Meghan, too. I had never met them but few people can resist me so I would just have more attention.  Then she told me that Simon and Sammie and the Duke of Harcourt were also coming.

Egads!!!!!!!!  Simon and Sammie are cats and the Duke is a dog!

I am afraid of other cats and dogs, although I would do my best to protect Mommy if one came near. Christmas was ruined for me.  Life as I knew it was ending for five days.

I climbed my Christmas tree once but made only a halfhearted attempt at knocking balls to the floor. I didn’t once jump on any tables. I went to my room and slept most of the time, but that merely resulted in nightmares of huge grey cats that looked like panthers and dogs bigger than Clifford.


Three pets
Duke, Simon, Sammie

Mommy talked to me about Duke and Simon and Sammie and said that we were all family and we all had to get along. She said we would go slowly at first and that I could stay in my room as long as I wanted until I felt comfortable. That made me feel somewhat better.

The long dreaded-day arrived. I heard noises:people’s voice; suitcases being brought in; tiny meows; and then earth-shaking, ear-splitting barks and woofs and ruffs.  I was terrified! I ran under the bed and even though my bedroom door was closed I feared that someone would accidentally come in before Mommy could stop them.

I stayed under the bed for what seemed like hours, huddled into an orange and white ball. If you had seen me you would have noticed that my fur was on end and I was shaking. I even hissed at Mommy. I was so scared! Mommy brought my food and litter pan to me and I slowly came out from under the bed.  I could hear laughter downstairs and wondered what everyone was doing.

The next day Mommy brought Sammie in to see me. She held him firmly in her arms so I knew he couldn’t escape.  He seemed overly friendly and wanted to sniff me but I was having none of that.  Poor little thing;he was all legs and paws -not fluffy like me. Next she brought Simon in.  He didn’t seem to want to meet me any more than I wanted to meet him. And what an awful colour-grey. Not all cats are blessed with my lovely coloured fur.

Meanwhile, Duke was at the door, crying being the only word to describe what he was doing. Cats were one thing but I was definitely not meeting this dog.  I stayed in my room and gradually I got used to Simon and Sammie when they came to visit. And Duke still lay down on the floor outside my door. I guess he knew he was missing the treat of meeting me.

Finally Christmas Eve arrived. Santa Claws and his crew of mice had been busy all year making toys for little kittens and cats: gift bags, paper towel rolls, ribbon, yarn and the like. Soon he would arrive in his cardboard box pulled by eight reincats. Some of the pleasure was missing for me but I was still excited.  I crawled under the bed and went to sleep early. Santa Claws likes all cats to sleep in a secluded place on Christmas Eve. I wondered where Simon and Sammie were and if Santa would know that they were at my house for Christmas.  And what about the Duke of Harcourt. I wasn’t sure if Santa Claws brought gifts for doggies or if they has their own Santa. (I later found out that they do and he is called Santa Paws.)

All was well until 2:00 in the morning when I heard a loud commotion outside.  I knew I should stay where I was but curiosity got the better of me. I jumped up on the window and what should I see but Santa Claws and his eight reincats with Duke running after them and barking. He chased them quite a ways until finally they stopped. I knew Duke was telling Santa something but I couldn’t hear what. Then Santa and his reincats turned around and came back towards my house.

I ran back under the bed, frightened that Santa had seen me. I closed my eyes and tried my hardest until I finally fell asleep. Before I knew it it was daylight and everyone was up.

Mommy came rushing in.

“Buddy!” she shouted. “Guess what happened last night.  With two other cats here, Santa Claws didn’t realize that you were here,too. He left without leaving anything for you.  Dukie rushed after him and caught him and told him what happened. Santa came back with your gifts and gave Duke a cat treat for being such a nice puppy.”

Dukie had saved the day. What a cheerless Christmas it would have been for me with no gifts from Santa Claws.

Duke and I are now wonderful friends. He brought the Christmas cheer back to me.






5 thoughts on “The Duke of Harcourt Brings Christmas Cheer

  1. Oh no !!! You’re a dressophile with mad writing skills !!! Don’t try and deny it, the proof is in the pictures of those poor tortured kittys dressed in red and white !!!
    Great job on the flash fiction Bravo !!!


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