Day 4:Give Them What They Want

I have been reviewing my stats but can find few patterns. There seems to be no special day when I receive more visitors.  I can probably say that the days I post I do better than periods when I don’t but that is to be expected.

One thing that strikes me is that my Mondays with Buddy feature seems to do well.  Dare I admit that my cat is more popular than I am? I shouldn’t be surprised- he has more Twitter followers.

I also noticed that a post I did a couple of weeks ago called A Roundup Of Great Posts continues to do well.

I realize that I started this blog when I began Writing 101 and Blogging 101 and most of my posts are assignments from these courses as well as the two courses I am doing now. Very rarely do I have time to do a post relating to the actual purpose of my blog. But this will change after Christmas.

When The holidays are over I intend to ;

  • Work to make Buddy’s posts even more inviting.
  • Write more posts on words and books
  • Continue to study my stats to see how they can help me.



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