couple on horseback


couple on horseback


Come meet me neath the oak tree by the wall,

When all the house have laid their heads to rest.

Wear dress of royal blue and shawl, thy best.

Come softly; there will be no need to call.

Leave not thy silken gloves within the hall.

Bring them, My Love. It is at my behest.

The night is cold; the wind comes from the west.

And bitter hail may before morning fall.

Thy stead is waiting over by the gate

Twill take us to the place where lovers flee.

Be quick, beloved. Time is passing by.

We leave this lonely place of hurt and hate,

And travel to a land beside the sea,

And thou shalt be my love until I die.



Picture Attribution

durer couple horsebackย  Art gallery ErgsArt ย ย  Flickr

Public Domain Mark 1.0



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