Wonderful Wordsday

Wonderful Wordsday
Wonderful Wordsday Winner

Wonderful Wordsday

The 23rd of each month has been decreed by this blogger to be  Wonderful Wordsday. Why the 23rd?  Isn’t it obvious?  W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet.


It has also been decreed that:

  1. From the 24th of one month  to the 22rd of the next  month all you word lovers have the opportunity to submit a wonderful word.  A wonderful word is a word that

a.  is not generally known.

b.  is interesting.

c.  has interesting etymology.

d.  is phonaesthetically pleasing

                      (sounds nice to the ear).

e.  you simply like.

f.  any or all of above or anything else.

2. Do a post on your blog telling the word, its definition, etymology, how it is used, why you like it, its pronunciation and/or  anything else about it. Be sure to link back to my blog.

3. Tag the post as Wonderful Wordsday

4.  Because this is my event I get to choose which word is the most wonderful that week.  There may be more than one.  On the 23rd I will post winner/winners and you get to post that wonderful badge above to your site. (Just download and post it with link to my site.)


  • Enjoy and we can all expand our vocabulary.




15 thoughts on “Wonderful Wordsday

    1. I just read your post. I guess we do associate wassail with Christmas. Why not do another post. I am trying to generate interest so it need not be long or indepth. I am so glad the event interests you.


    1. Gordon. I want to thank you for entering my Wonderful Wordsday event. I assume you know you were the winner. I am not getting a lot of responses yet to the event. People comment on it and seem interested but don’t do a post to enter. That made it so more special to me that you took the time to enter. And I enjoyed learning a new word!

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