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Mondays with Buddy: Mommy’s Little Trichobezoar

Today’s word is something which is not appreciated by the fastidious or the faint of heart. But it is something most cat owners, especially owners of long haired cats like me, have to learn to deal with.
A trichobezoar ( trĭk’ō-bē’zôr’) is a furball. It’s simply a ball of hair that gathers in a cat’s stomach h or intestines because we have to wash our fur with our tongue.
I get fur balls occasionally and Mommy throws them away and I feel better.
In a later post on Foster Cat Chats I will give you ailurophiles more information on trichobezoars.
Meanwhile, don’t feel too superior.  People have been known to get trichobezoars, too.  They have Rapunzel Syndrome, an impulse-control disorder causing them to eat hair.



4 thoughts on “Mondays with Buddy: Mommy’s Little Trichobezoar

  1. oh dear! i hope you don’t get it too often. I remember watching a Grey’s Anatomy episode about someone having a bezoar. Sounds quite disgusting!


  2. I have had two in the last three months. I think it’s to be expected with my long fur but Mommy is going to do some research on ways she can help me prevent them. Thank you for your concern.


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