Mondays with Buddy: Polydactyl Cats

Our cat word for the day is polydactyl. (poly·dac·tyl)  A polydactyl cat has more than the usual number of toes.

Cats ordinarily have eighteen toes, five on each front paw and four on each back paw. Polydactyl cats may have six or more on a paw.

Isn’t that strange.  Imagine if I had seven toes on each paw! I’m glad cats don’t wear shoes because I wouldn’t get a pair  to fit me. I would look something like this.

Close up of the feet of a polydactyl pet cat.

People can suffer from polydactyly.  Mommy’s friend Ed has six toes on one foot, and his brother does, as well.

It seems that cats with polydactyly are commonly seen in New England and in Southwest England and Wales. They were common on ships where they are considered good luck. They are also good at catching mice.

Ernest Hemingway had several polydactyl cats. Even today, polydactyl cats are called Hemingway cats.



Photo of polydactyl cat is a Getty file from Hufington Post.


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