Book 4: I Am Malala


Book number 4 is “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb.

  • This is a book that everyone has heard of, the story of a Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for promoting education for girls.  It is an easy read and quite an eye-opener about the situation in Pakistan.
  • Malala is an amazing girl.  She was giving speeches and radio and television interviews from an early age. By age ten or eleven she was accompanying her father to rallies and meetings, and soon after playing an active role herself.
  • I wonder where a person gets the drive and courage to be so public with her views. And as a parent, I wonder if I could have allowed my child to expose herself to danger as her parents did.  Most people caved in and went along with the Taliban so what makes others stand up for their rights?
  • I would recommend “I Am Malala” for anyone with an interest in world events.

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