Wonderful Wordsday

The day has arrived.  It is Wonderful Wordsday.

Wonderful Wordsday Winner

And the winner is Gordon C. Stewart of  Views from the Edge.  Feel free, Gordon, to post the Wonderful Wordsday Winner logo on your blog. You have the honour of being our first winner.

Our winning wonderful word was  a new one to me – hermeneuticsHermeneutics is the theory and practice of interpretation.  Gordon tells us that whenever we watch a film, read a text, listen to a speech or view a painting, we interpret it and are, therefore, doing hermeneutics. Gordon’s post on hermeneutics can be found here.

I came across some other wonderful words this month.

  • V. did a delightful post on Blogger’s World on the word proclivity which is an inclination or predisposition towards something, especially something objectionable.
  • MaryG at 50 Happens did a post on wassail, an early English toast to someone’s health.
  • I did a post on phonaesthetics,  the study of the pleasantness or unpleasantness of words, phrases or sentences.  You’ll find the post here.
  • Buddy Foster of Foster Cat Chats did a post on the word polydactyl.  A polydactyl cat is one who has more than the usual number of toes.
  • My friend Irene suggested a words although she does not have a blog. Her word was hagiography. Hagiography is the writing of the lives of saints or any adulatory writing about another person.

The next Wonderful Wordsday is February 23rd.  I am making a slight change to the rules.  You may post your entry any time between now and February  22rd to be eligible for next month’s event instead of posting between February 15th and 22nd. Don’t   forget to tag it Wonderful Wordsday. The complete set of rules are here.


Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.  (Rudyard Kipling)






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