Book 11: Grand Pursuit: The story of Economic Genius

Book 11 is a tome by Sylvia Nassar called The Grand Pursuit:The Story of Economic Genius. This well written but sometimes obstruse story of the history of economics is by the author of A Beautiful Mind. The story begins with Thomas Robert Malthus and  John Stuart Mill who held a pessimistic view that the poor would always be there because of increased population which would … Continue reading Book 11: Grand Pursuit: The story of Economic Genius

Mondays With Buddy: Cat Mommies and Daddies

Hello everyone. I think I will have to call this feature Mondays With Buddy On Tuesdays. For two weeks in a row I have been late with the post.  But there is a reason.  Mommy has had major problems with our house which has required workmen running in and out, phone calls, and a  flooded basement. So please forgive us.  She has tried to keep … Continue reading Mondays With Buddy: Cat Mommies and Daddies

Mondays with Buddy: Pussyfoot

  Hello, Everyone.  A big apology.  Mommy has been so busy this week that Mondays with Buddy is not being posted until Tuesday evening. But here I am, at last. This week’s cat word is pussyfoot. Pussyfoot  [ˈpo͝osēˌfo͝ot]  Pussyfoot is a verb meaning to move stealthily or warily, or to act in a cautious way. As a noun a pussyfoot means a person with a … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: Pussyfoot

Book 10: Loving Frank

Book 10 is Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.  I prefer biography to historical fiction but this time the fictional account of a historical figure was quite well done. Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect, interior designer, writer and art collector.  He was also a charming man, attractive to women. This novel is the fictionalized account of his affair with one woman, Mamah Borthwick Cheney.  He … Continue reading Book 10: Loving Frank

Mondays with Buddy: Dressophile

My blogging friends are very helpful with cat words.  Pan of On the Road Cooking introduced me to the word dressophile. Dressophile (noun): A once hidden personality disorder among pet owners brought into the spotlight with the advent of WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest etc.: the uncontrollable temptation to put loved pets into costumes of every imagination, no matter how much the pet whines, howls or meows. … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: Dressophile

Book 8: Effie

Book 8 for 2016 is “Effie: The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray, John Ruskin and John Everett Millais.”  I have always been fascinated by the story of those three people, and Suzanne Fagence Cooper has brought them to life in this outstanding biography. John Ruskin was a famous writer and art critic of the 1800’s.  He also had a, perhaps unhealthy, liking for young girls.  … Continue reading Book 8: Effie

Book 7: We Need to Talk About Kevin

Book 7 is “We Need to Talk About Kevin” by Lionel Shriver.  A fabulous book, but a dark one, and not one that everyone would care to read. Eva Khatchadourian goes from being a globe-trotting entrepreneur who owns her own company to a stay-at-home mom.  She may not be the world’s greatest mother, but then, a lot of women aren’t.  But their sons don’t carry … Continue reading Book 7: We Need to Talk About Kevin

Mondays with Buddy: Philoprogenitive

Today’s cat word is philoprogenitive (fi-lə-prō-ˈje´-nə-tiv). It is a combination of “phil” meaning loving or having an affinity for, and Latin “progenitus,” meaning begot or begotten.The first known use of the word was in 1865. Philoprogenitive means: tending to produce offspring;  prolific; or love for one’s offspring.  Cats who are not spayed can be quite philoprogenitive if left to roam outdoors. Mommy says there are … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: Philoprogenitive