Mondays with Buddy: Dressophile


My blogging friends are very helpful with cat words.  Pan of On the Road Cooking introduced me to the word dressophile.

Dressophile (noun): A once hidden personality disorder among pet owners brought into the spotlight with the advent of WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest etc.: the uncontrollable temptation to put loved pets into costumes of every imagination, no matter how much the pet whines, howls or meows. Luckily for pet owners most pets just submit to this cruelty and still love their people.

Closet Dressophile (noun): people who are secretly fans of the Dressophile’s handiwork and enjoy the pictures but won’t openly admit it.

This term was coined in a pet forum a few years ago by Pan.

Mommy is a closet dressophile. She claims she does not approve of dressing pets in clothes.  Yet she cannot resist at times dressing me in minimal costumes.

This is an appropriate word for this week because I am having a contest called Dressophile your Cat on my blog, Foster Cat Chats, later this week.


3 thoughts on “Mondays with Buddy: Dressophile

  1. Hahahahaha, sad to say but I’m a closet Dressophile and have put a nanook of the north cap on Stewie, once.. and a pair of sunglasses.
    I like the revised definition and the new term closet Dressophile that your person made Buddy..


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