Book 10: Loving Frank


Book 10 is Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.  I prefer biography to historical fiction but this time the fictional account of a historical figure was quite well done.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect, interior designer, writer and art collector.  He was also a charming man, attractive to women. This novel is the fictionalized account of his affair with one woman, Mamah Borthwick Cheney.  He and Cheney left their spouses and went to Europe in 1909, neither returning to their families again.
  • Woven throughout the book, is the thread of women’s struggles to vote,  to work outside the home, to leave an unhappy marriage.  Mamah Cheney was a mother, wife, writer and intellectual who suffered abuse by the press, the public, and her family for the choices she made in her life.
  • This book introduced me to Ellen Key, the Swedish feminist.  Cheney translated much of Key’s work into English during her time with LLoyd Wright.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright has been called a genius. This novel gives us a picture of our he changed architecture, beginning with introducing prairie style in his designs.
  • The relationship between their two people ended when Cheney was murdered by a household employee.  Lloyd Wright married twice after this affair.  This book has enticed me to read more of the life of this amazing man.



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