Mondays with Buddy: Pussyfoot


aviary_1455269478312Hello, Everyone.  A big apology.  Mommy has been so busy this week that Mondays with Buddy is not being posted until Tuesday evening. But here I am, at last.

This week’s cat word is pussyfoot.

Pussyfoot  [ˈpo͝osēˌfo͝ot]  Pussyfoot is a verb meaning to move stealthily or warily, or to act in a cautious way.

As a noun a pussyfoot means a person with a catlike, or soft and stealthy, tread.

Its first known use was in 1903.

Cats, of course, are stealthy and walk softly and warily, especially when tracking prey.  I always walk softly when outdoors guarding Mommy and patrolling the walkway.  I pussyfoot a lot.

Wouldn’t Pussyfoot be a great name for your favourite kitty!





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