Mondays With Buddy: Cat Mommies and Daddies

Hello everyone. I think I will have to call this feature Mondays With Buddy On Tuesdays. For two weeks in a row I have been late with the post.  But there is a reason.  Mommy has had major problems with our house which has required workmen running in and out, phone calls, and a  flooded basement. So please forgive us.  She has tried to keep up to date with Foster Cat Chats but Wonderful Words Blog has suffered.

But we do have a new word or group of words about cats.  We will be looking at names for cat mommies and daddies.  I don’t remember my cat mommy and I never met my cat daddy.

A male cat is called a Tom.  A male cat that has not been neutered is sometimes called a full Tom or ram cat. A teaser Tom is a vasectomised male cat – it is sterile but it will act like a full male and will spray, fight and mate.

A female cat is called a molly. A cat which is pregnant or nursing is called a queen.  When referring to pedigreed cats, the mother and father are called the dam and sire, respectively.

Although I am gorgeous I do not have a pedigree so my mommy and daddy were a queen and a full Tom. I am a Tom.

Do you know any other words that people use for male and female cats?  If you do, please let me know.


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