Mondays With Buddy: Cabbit

Today’s cat word is cabbit.    Cab´  bit      (noun) A cabbit is a fictional hybrid between a cat and a rabbit. Mommy has told me about fictional creatures such as dragons  and ogres.  They don’t really exist, and I am glad because I would be soooo afraid of them. I would like to meet a cabbit but Mommy assures that they don’t exist, either. It seems … Continue reading Mondays With Buddy: Cabbit

Mondays With Buddy: Chatoyant

Today’s word is chatoyant. chatoyant   [cha·toy´·ant]   (adjective) Chatoyant means having a changeable luster or color with an undulating narrow band of white light, similar to a cat’s eye. It is derived from the French word chatoyer which means to shine like a cat’s eyes.  And, of course, chat is the French word for cat. Cat’s eyes are incredible.  Not only are we able … Continue reading Mondays With Buddy: Chatoyant

Mondays With Buddy: Grimalkin

This week’s cat word is an old one which you may not hear very often today – grimalkin. grimalkin [ gri-mal´-kin]  noun  {combination of grey and malkin (cat)} Grimalkin is an obsolete name for an old  cat with a grumpy disposition – imagine a cantankerous old man or woman as the human version.  Actually, I think that the famous Grumpy Cat may be a grimalkin. … Continue reading Mondays With Buddy: Grimalkin