Mondays With Buddy: Cabbit

Today’s cat word is cabbit.    Cab´  bit      (noun)

A cabbit is a fictional hybrid between a cat and a rabbit.

Mommy has told me about fictional creatures such as dragons  and ogres.  They don’t really exist, and I am glad because I would be soooo afraid of them. I would like to meet a cabbit but Mommy assures that they don’t exist, either.

It seems that people, at one time, thought that Manx cats were hybrids of cats and rabbits.  And there have been cats that look somewhat like rabbits, but they probably just had a deformed pelvis.  Also, cats with abnormally short forelegs may have a rabbit-like gait.  Scientists, however, tell us that since cats and rabbits are different species they cannot interbreed.

Mommy thinks that I look like a rabbit when she see me jumping, from behind. But, alas, I am a cat and not a cabbit.

I think Hoof looks like a cabbit, though, if such things existed. And even if those cats from the Exploits Valley SPCA are not cabbits, they really like Easter.

Hoof          Photo by Sarah MacLeod


These gorgeous wannabe cabbits may still be available for adoption.

All Easter Photos are by Sarah MacLeod.


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