Books 14 and 15: The Paris Wife and A Moveable Feast

Both of these books look at the life of Ernest Hemingway and his wife, Hadley Richardson Hemingway in Paris in the 1920’s.

  • The Paris Wife was written by Paula McLain and covers the life of Hadley Hemingway from the time she was 29 and marries the 21 year old Hemingway until the marriage ends in 1927. The story is told from Hadley’s point of view, and we come to see her as a fine, responsible young woman who loves her husband but who does not fit in with the sophisticated lifestyle that Hemingway leads after his books make him famous.ย  She is , in essence, a starter wife but their life was wonderful for a while.
  • A Moveable Feast is a book of memoirs by Ernest Hemingway covering the same period.ย  We see his view of this period when he was honing his skills as a writer and enjoying Paris and the friends he made there – Gertrude Stein, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound and Sherwood Anderson. We come to see that Hemingway, looking back at this period when he is much older, realizes that this was a happy time for him and that fame can be a curse as well as a blessing.

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