A to Z Challenge: H is for Heretics and Heroes

H is for Heretics and Heroes by Thomas Cahill. This book is part of the Hinges of History series, a proposed seven-volume work which will recount the main moments in Western civilization.ย  I have read two other books in the series –How the Irish Saved Civilization and Mysteries of the Middle Ages: And the beginnings of the Modern World.

Heretics and Heroes, subtitled How Renaissance Artists and Reformation Priests Created our World, covers people and events in the late 14th through to the early 17th centuries. This was a time of great cultural, intellectual, and religious changes and we read about Luther, Erasmus, Michelangelo, the Black Death, the Spanish Armada, to name a few.

I like history and I have liked the three books in this series which I have read. I would like to obtain all seven.

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