A to Z Challenge: L is for “Lytton Strachey”

L is for “Lytton Strachey: The New Biography” by Michael Holroyd. I love reading about anyone in theloomsbury group and Lytton Strachey was a founding member of the set.

Strachey was a British writer and critic who wrote “Eminent Victorians”, a book covering the lives of four Victorians. Strachey wrote a new kind of biography with an emphasis on psychological insight and sympathy. He was a homosexual who, nevertheless, spent most of his adult life living with Dora Carrington, an artist from the Tate School. She was in love with him, even though she was married, and she commited suicide shortly after he died.

Holroyd’s biography gives an intimate portrait of the Bloomsberries including Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell Maynard Keynes and Ottoline Morrel.ย  He gives us insight into Strachey’s adolescence, his Cambridge years and his relationship with Carrington. Holroyd is an excellent biographer and this book tells of a interesting, amazing life.


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