Farewell I’ve said farewell to many things I’ll never have again; Farewell to childhood, bye to love, Adios, career and men.   And now I’m ninety-five years old. With every day I part With things no longer in my life, but always in my heart.     Continue reading Farewell



graffiti, Trellick Tower by Duncan C Flickr Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) Graffiti Some people don’t like graffiti. They say it is done on concreti. It’s cartoonish, vivid, Makes some people livid. Sometimes it’s not even completi. But some people do like graffiti. They say that it is simply neati. It’s topical,funny, Does not cost you money. They say that it just can’t be … Continue reading Graffiti


Reflections Friday afternoon. Last period. Math class. Yesterday was algebra. Today is geometry. Tranformational.ย  Translations. Rotations.ย  Reflections. Still the same old x and y. Reflect over y-axis or x-axis or equation of a line. Coordinate planes. Lines of reflection. When will I ever use this, Miss? Every year. The same questions. After fifty years on one side of the teacher’s desk or the other, Their … Continue reading Reflections