Wonderful Wordsday

The day has arrived.  It is Wonderful Wordsday. And the winner is Gordon C. Stewart of  Views from the Edge.  Feel free, Gordon, to post the Wonderful Wordsday Winner logo on your blog. You have the honour of being our first winner. Our winning wonderful word was  a new one to me – hermeneutics.  Hermeneutics is the theory and practice of interpretation.  Gordon tells us … Continue reading Wonderful Wordsday

Byron, Shelley

Wonderful Words Comes into its Own

Wonderful Words Blog is about to take on its intended form.  Since November when I started the blog I have been doing Blogging U courses, and then Christmas was upon us.  Now, with a brief respite, I intend to finally make my posts reflect the true intent of the blog. My posts will concentrate on words and books.  These are my intentions: Do one word … Continue reading Wonderful Words Comes into its Own


Wonderful Wordsday

Wonderful Wordsday The 23rd of each month has been decreed by this blogger to be  Wonderful Wordsday. Why the 23rd?  Isn’t it obvious?  W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet.   It has also been decreed that: From the 24th of one month  to the 22rd of the next  month all you word lovers have the opportunity to submit a wonderful word.  A wonderful … Continue reading Wonderful Wordsday