Mondays With Buddy: Cat Mommies and Daddies

Hello everyone. I think I will have to call this feature Mondays With Buddy On Tuesdays. For two weeks in a row I have been late with the post.  But there is a reason.  Mommy has had major problems with our house which has required workmen running in and out, phone calls, and a  flooded basement. So please forgive us.  She has tried to keep … Continue reading Mondays With Buddy: Cat Mommies and Daddies

Mondays with Buddy: Pussyfoot

  Hello, Everyone.  A big apology.  Mommy has been so busy this week that Mondays with Buddy is not being posted until Tuesday evening. But here I am, at last. This week’s cat word is pussyfoot. Pussyfoot  [ˈpo͝osēˌfo͝ot]  Pussyfoot is a verb meaning to move stealthily or warily, or to act in a cautious way. As a noun a pussyfoot means a person with a … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: Pussyfoot

Mondays with Buddy: Dressophile

My blogging friends are very helpful with cat words.  Pan of On the Road Cooking introduced me to the word dressophile. Dressophile (noun): A once hidden personality disorder among pet owners brought into the spotlight with the advent of WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest etc.: the uncontrollable temptation to put loved pets into costumes of every imagination, no matter how much the pet whines, howls or meows. … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: Dressophile

Mondays with Buddy: Philoprogenitive

Today’s cat word is philoprogenitive (fi-lə-prō-ˈje´-nə-tiv). It is a combination of “phil” meaning loving or having an affinity for, and Latin “progenitus,” meaning begot or begotten.The first known use of the word was in 1865. Philoprogenitive means: tending to produce offspring;  prolific; or love for one’s offspring.  Cats who are not spayed can be quite philoprogenitive if left to roam outdoors. Mommy says there are … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: Philoprogenitive

Mondays with Buddy: What Colour are your Vibrissae?

What colour are your vibrissae? Or maybe you don’t have any if you are not a cat. Socks, Mommy’s former cat, had white vibrissae. Sassy’s were black but they turned white as she aged. Mine are a beautiful white. Today’s cat word, vibrissae  (vī-ˈbri´-sē) is just another word for a cat’s whiskers. The singular is vibrissa (vi·bris´·sa ).  Vibrissae are the stiff hairs that are … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: What Colour are your Vibrissae?

Wonderful Wordsday

The day has arrived.  It is Wonderful Wordsday. And the winner is Gordon C. Stewart of  Views from the Edge.  Feel free, Gordon, to post the Wonderful Wordsday Winner logo on your blog. You have the honour of being our first winner. Our winning wonderful word was  a new one to me – hermeneutics.  Hermeneutics is the theory and practice of interpretation.  Gordon tells us … Continue reading Wonderful Wordsday

Byron, Shelley

Wonderful Words Comes into its Own

Wonderful Words Blog is about to take on its intended form.  Since November when I started the blog I have been doing Blogging U courses, and then Christmas was upon us.  Now, with a brief respite, I intend to finally make my posts reflect the true intent of the blog. My posts will concentrate on words and books.  These are my intentions: Do one word … Continue reading Wonderful Words Comes into its Own

buddy washing

Mondays with Buddy: Mommy’s Little Trichobezoar

Today’s word is something which is not appreciated by the fastidious or the faint of heart. But it is something most cat owners, especially owners of long haired cats like me, have to learn to deal with. A trichobezoar ( trĭk’ō-bē’zôr’) is a furball. It’s simply a ball of hair that gathers in a cat’s stomach h or intestines because we have to wash our … Continue reading Mondays with Buddy: Mommy’s Little Trichobezoar