Who I Am, Why I Write and What This Blog Is About


I am a retired Jr. High teacher who loves to read, paint and care for my cat. I have been retired for eight years and have tried various things to fill my time – rug hooking, snowshoeing, bird watching, volunteer work. The list goes on and every year it’s something new. I want to live to be 110  so I can see all the new things that are happening in the world.

My favourite subject to teach was English. I loved introducing young people to new words, showing them how to use them to make interesting sentences,writing a sentence or a paragraph that caused suspense or emotion, putting the several paragraphs together into an organized whole. I love writing.  I have another blog in which I imagine my foster cat Buddy telling of his life.

My life is an abundance of good things. I have a wonderful husband, son and daughter.

My house is not large nor its furnishings expensive but I have a cabin which fills me with contentment and joy whenever I visit, even when I think of it.  Trees, wildflowers, beaches, old handmade furniture, quiet evenings, neighbours who leave me to do my own thing yet who are there when I need them.

I have a large home library and a local library where I can order almost any book I wish. I have a computer with wi-fi. Think of the abundance of knowledge I have access to.

I have a darling cat called Buddy Foster who shows me that not only humans have a heart and soul.

I have access to music. I have many friends. I have a mind that enjoys painting and gives me room to express my creativity, a mind that allows me to imagine anything I do not have in a concrete form.

I have an abundance of the important things in life. I am blessed

I love blogging. It’s exciting: the writing part and the technology aspect.  I want to write things that people want to read. I want to have a large following. I want to be known in the blogging world. I want to help other people create blogs. I want to create a new blog about words, why they are important and how to use them to make your conversation more interesting. I want to make lots of money.  Okay . Now I’m being silly.

When I start something I go into it fully so I want to have the best blog I can possibly create.  I want my blog to teach you about words you never knew existed.  And I want you to be entertained and to enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Why I Write

I write because I love words.

Because I love sentences.

Because I love paragraphs, and books.

I write because I read words, and sentences and paragraphs and books.

How can one write without reading everything . Books. Magazines. Cereal boxes. Charts.

Love letters. Old diaries. Faded newspapers.

When one sees beauty on the written page how can we not want to reproduce it.

What this blog is About

This blog is about words. Words you may not have heard before like  phonaesthetics and schadenfreude.  Words that have an unusual origin. Words that are funny. Words that form phrases like Bob’s your uncle. It’s about antonyms and synonyms and so many other things. Words are fascinating and most of us know so few of them. Join me in learning more.

This blog is about sentences: beautiful sentences that make you wish you had written them; sentences that give profound meaning in a few words; sentences that express what you have always felt but could not find the words to use.

This blog is about paragraphs that turn into stories and essays and posts.

This blog is about books, my favourite books and why I like them.

This blog is also a repository for my posts from wordpress courses.

If you would like to contact me for any reason please fill out the form below. I would welcome ideas for posts.



6 thoughts on “Who I Am, Why I Write and What This Blog Is About

  1. Good to meet you, Brenda–I am a former junior high English teacher who went on to the postsecondary world…I dearly wish to be retired! As a word lover, I am delighted to discover your blog!



    1. Hello, Pam. I loved teaching junior high English but was later moved to math since that was my area. Retirement is great and your time will come. My blog is not as fully developed as I wish because most of the posts as yet are assignment for wordpress courses. When I have finished the courses I plan to return to its main purpose-words. Meanwhile, Mondays with Buddy does offer a cat’s look at words.

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